JansenUSA Equipment Mini Towable Backhoe For Homesteaders

Yard Pro Equipment Towable BackhoeNotice: It appears that this backhoe is no longer called “Yard Pro”. I’m no longer able to find the Yard Pro Equipment website. These backhoes are also sold on eBay by the seller “bikefarmjoe”. From looking at their eBay listings, it appears that the name has been changed to JansenUSA.

I’m very excited to tell you all about our newest toy today! FYI, my husband would be mad at me for calling it a toy. For years, we have wanted to buy a backhoe but like many homesteaders, there’s just not any money in the budget for such an expensive machine.

We recently ALMOST made a HUGE mistake and purchased a used 1975 backhoe/trencher but then my husband stumbled upon the YardPro mini towable backhoe. We contemplated whether it would really be able to get the job done since it’s so small. It actually only weighs a bit over 1,000 pounds without an operator in the seat. Well, probably a little more than that when you have 4 gallons of hydraulic oil in it that it doesn’t come shipped with. But the difference isn’t much.
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Tips for Starting Stuborn Engines on Power Equipment

Well, spring has sprung and many of you are pulling your power equipment out of storage. Whether it’s a lawnmower, rototiller, weed eater, or chainsaw, the one thing that all of these devices have in common is an internal combustion engine.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was talking to a friend who was spending some time working towards getting a riding lawnmower running again. This inspired me to write an article that might help many of you who have a hard time getting those engine driven power tools started after sitting over the long cold winter months.
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Drift Boat Restoration Project Underway

One of the things that many people who live in the boonies have in common is that we enjoy doing things ourselves. Many of us also enjoy recreational activities such as fishing.

My husband has been a long time fly fishing enthusiasts and a few years ago we were fortunate enough to move really close to a world-class fly fishing river.
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We’re In LOVE with Our DR Field and Brush Mower!

We were recently able to barter for a really nice DR Field and Brush Mower. It’s about 12 years old but it was the biggest one they made at the time and it has the 30″ wide “commercial” deck.

If we were to purchase a new comparable model today, it would cost us about $3,500 which is WAY out of our price range. That’s what I love about bartering. If both parties are happy with the trade, it’s a good deal.

We had to do a little tune up and some basic maintenance to get it going but after putting a little elbow grease into it, we have an absolutely AMAZING machine.

While this machine might look like an oversized lawn mower, make no mistake, it’s definitely no lawn mower! It’s actually advertised to be able to cut through a 3″ sapling!
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