Wind Power Pros and Cons To Help You Plan Your Renewable Energy System

wind energy advantages and disadvantages infographicThere’s no doubt that planning a renewable energy system can be quite a daunting task. There really are so many decisions to make that many people never actually get started because they are just too overwhelmed.

In this article, I’ll be discussing my views on wind energy pros and cons and hopefully my thoughts will help you determine whether you should add wind power to the array of sources that you’ll be powering your home with.

As with any form of alternative energy, you can expect that there will be both positive reasons for using it and reasons why you might not choose to use it. Allow me to share a few of my thoughts on this subject.

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How Wind Turbines Work To Generate Electricity

Wind Turbines on a hillsideHave you always wondered how wind turbines work? Some people call them wind mills and others call them wind generators but the proper name for them is a wind turbine. In today’s article, I’ll be introducing you to the miracle of generating electricity with nothing more than the power of the wind that mother nature provides us with freely.

How Does Wind Energy Work?

Let’s get right to it and talk about how it is possible to generate electricity with the power of the wind. First, you need to understand a very simple principle. If you apply electricity to an electric motor, the shaft on the motor will spin. Interestingly enough, if you reverse the process and spin the shaft on an electric motor, electricity will come out of the same wires that are used to power the motor. Now that you understand this, you understand most of how wind turbines work to generate electricity.

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Time To Think About Protecting Your Animals From The Cold Winter Temperatures

horse standing in the snowMany people who enjoy living in the boonies like we do have quite a collection of animals. We personally have horses, mules, goats, cats, dogs, and believe it or not, my husband REALLY wants a camel.

With the cold winter months rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share a couple of tips with everyone that will make their critters more comfortable this winter.

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Is Nuclear Energy Renewable? A Closer Look at This Question

Nuclear Power PlantMany people such as myself are fascinated by both alternative energy and renewable energy sources. Some people see these as one in the same but I’m of the opinion that they are quite different from one another. The way I see it, alternative energy is any form of energy that is different than what is “typically” used to power our world.

According to that definition, renewable energy would fall into the category of alternative energy but I believe that for something to be “renewable”, we must be able to reproduce the raw material that goes into creating the energy at will.

According to Wikipedia, renewable energy must come from a natural source such as the sun, wind, water and it must be naturally renewable. Fossil fuels come from a natural source because the oil is actually mined from the earth but it is a finite resource. When it’s gone, it’s gone. More on this concept later in this article.

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