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Our Simple Homemade Solar Powered Water Heater Experiment

Many people who are interested in alternative energy are also interested in solar water heating. I can’t really blame them because this is something that intrigues me as well. Several years ago we did some experimenting with a rudimentary homemade solar water heater. We didn’t know much about this technology at the time. What started my interest in this use of solar energy was when something interesting happen to me that caused me to have and “aw-haw” moment. I had been hiking for several hours and when I finally made it back to the house I couldn’t wait to take…

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How Solar Energy Works In Off Grid Renewable Energy Systems

If you’re thinking about ditching your power company and generating your own power to use at home, you probably want to know a bit more about how solar energy works and what the parts of a solar energy system actually are. In today’s article, I’ll be discussing how solar power works as well has what is involved in switching a home or cabin over to solar power. It’s beyond the scope of this article to explain exactly how to install the following equipment in your home. This article is really just an introduction to solar energy systems. Solar Panels Solar…

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