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My Vision For Small Flexible Solar Panels

Yesterday I wrote a post on The Advantages Of Thin Film Solar Panels and today I’m inspired to take this topic a bit further and write about my vision for the future of small flexible solar panels. There are so many good uses for a flexible solar panel that it’s hard to narrow them down to just the few that I’ll be talking about in this post. These compact PV panels can be easily folded or rolled up for easy transport and deployment. I won’t talk specifically about the technology that is used to manufacture these types of PV panels…

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The Advantages Of Thin Film Solar Panels

It’s no secret that one of the reasons that more people don’t make use of solar technology is that it’s still cost prohibitive for many people. Today I’ll be writing about an emerging manufacturing process that is bringing the cost to make and purchase PV panels down to affordable levels. What Is A Thin Film Solar Panel? This technology is basically the depositing of a “thin film” (one or more layers) of some kind of a photovoltaic material onto an inert backing. The backing material can be all kinds of things. Because of the wide range of items that this…

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What Is A Fresnel Lens and How Can You Make Practical Use Of It?

Today I’ll be teaching you about a very cool and practical device that many off the grid families are making use of. The device that I’m referring to is the Fresnel lens. What Is A Fresnel Lens? This is a unique type of a lens that was designed by a French physicist by the name of Augustin-Jean Fresnel. The original Fresnel lenses were used in lighthouses. Their unique construction makes it possible for much smaller and thinner lenses to do the same job that very large convex lenses once did. This meant that more powerful lenses could be manufactured with…

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