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The Solar Bottle Bulb is What is All About

I stumbled across a video today on YouTube that does an amazing job of really encompassing the exact message that I’m trying to get across here at The video that I watched showed a man who is making a difference in the lives of his neighbors and friends in the town of San Pedro which is a poverty stricken town in the Philippines. This man is dramatically improving the quality of life for his friends and neighbors who can’t afford to turn on electric lights very often. I would have included this video in this article the the author…

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A Look at The Different Types of Solar Panels

When people are talking about solar panels they are often referring to a photoelectric panel that is designed to capture solar radiation and convert it into electricity. What most people don’t realize is that PV panels are just one of the many different types of solar panels in use today. I’m really excited about today’s topic of discussion because I get to introduce you to some technologies that you might not be familiar with. Anytime I get the chance to teach people about new and interesting ways to harness the power that the earth freely gives us is an exciting…

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A Voltaic Solar Backpack Can Free You From The Tethers Of The Power Grid

Yesterday I wrote a post called My Vision For Small Flexible Solar Panels where I talked about some ideas that I had for products that could have flexible thin film solar panels integrated into them. While I was doing research for the article, I contacted a man by the name of Jeff Crystal who works for a company called Voltaic Systems. They make some really cool products that have rigid monocristalline solar cells integrated into the products that they manufacture. Jeff explained the reason that they chose to use the types of solar cells that they use is because they…

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