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Prepping and Homesteading – Can One Exist Without the Other?

Many of you know about my other website called Preppers Illustrated but if you don’t, you should check it out when you get the time. I’ve included a link to it at the end of this article. People ask me all the time how our family became involved in prepping and I tell them that it’s 100% because of our experience homesteading on our mountain property on Bly Mountain and living so long in that little off the grid cabin. We didn’t become interested in prepping because of the countless TV programs that have become so popular in recent years.…

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Bly Mountain – The Inside Scoop About Living There

Many of you probably already know that I have a friend who sells cheap Oregon land with no credit checks, low down payments, and low monthly payments. Much of the land that he sells is actually on Bly Mountain. Consequently, I often get asked what it’s actually like to live on Bly Mountain so in this article I’ll be taking a few minutes to tell you about our experiences. As many of you know, our family went straight from the suburbs of Utah to living on Bly Mountain. We lived up there for about eight or so years and during…

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6 Awesome Tips for Optimal Wood Stove Performance

It’s been a few years since I posted the article titled, Our New Efficient Wood Stove Has Finally Freed Us From The Clutches Of Our Old Electric Furnace! so today seems like a good day to revisit the topic of heating your home with a wood stove. More specifically, I’ll be focusing on what you can do to keep your wood stove functioning the way it was designed to work. The wood stoves of today are a different animal than the types your grandparents grew up with. They are designed to burn much cleaner and efficiently. With the addition of…

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