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Most Homesteaders Are Missing out on Free Electricity

Free Electricity for Homesteaders

Something that many homesteaders have in common is that they often live quite some distance from town. This is certainly true in our case. I still have a full time job in town and I often have to drive my husband to town for doctors appointments. This amounts to nearly 30,000 miles that we put on our car EVERY YEAR! Not long after we moved to the boonies my husband realized that all those miles that we were driving could serve double duty. When you’re homesteading or living off the grid, it’s important to not only look for ways to…

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How to Use Your Vehicle to Save on Electricity

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If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know that I am all about finding ways to save electricity. In this day and age, many of the electronic devices that we use are battery-powered. Well, let me restate that, they use rechargeable batteries and I always recommend using rechargeable batteries whenever possible. They’re better for the environment because they can be recharged over and over which prevents consumers from filling up our landfills with disposable alkaline batteries. While I love rechargeable batteries, their chargers do use electricity to recharge them. Today I’m going to be giving you a…

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Did You Know That Power Inverters Leak Electricity?

In this post, I thought it might help some of you to know a little known fact about power inverters. I’ll try to keep it short today so I’ll get right to it. All power inverters draw power even when you don’t have anything plugged into them. I’ll bet you didn’t realize that, did you? If you don’t believe me, just open up the manual for your power inverter and in the specifications section you’ll find out how many amps are being consumed by your inverter when you think it is sleeping. Just having your power inverter connected to your…

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