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A Very Clever Way Of Generating Electricity With Thermoelectric Modules!

I absolutely love it when I stumble upon people who are thinking outside of the box and coming up with new and innovative ways of using existing technology to generate electricity. It’s in this spirit that I would like to tell you about an amazing new product that is being developed by a couple of guys by the name of David Toledo and Paul Slusser. This revolutionary new product goes by the name of “The PowerPot” and after reading this article, I believe that you’ll agree that it certainly lives up to it’s name. I have to admit that I’ve…

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How to Quiet a Generator to Tolerable Sound Levels

how to quiet a loud generator

Many people who go off the grid find themselves trying to learn how to make a generator quiet. The problem is that they don’t spend the time researching the right kind of generator to use and they end up trying to save a couple of bucks by buying an inexpensive generator. Most of the people that I know who have done this end up looking for ways to make their generator quiet enough that it’s at least tolerable. I have to admit that we also fall into this category because when we first moved off the grid, we didn’t put…

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How Much Propane Does A Generator Use?

I get asked about propane generators for home use quite often. Most people who have this question want to know how much it might cost them to run a propane powered generator at their home. This is a very good question because there are some significant advantages to using these devices but there are also some disadvantages that you should probably know about. Are Propane Generators Fuel Efficient? Unfortunately, as a general rule, propane generators aren’t quite as efficient as their gasoline or diesel powered cousins. The reason that they might use more fuel than other types of generators is…

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