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Check Out This Fun Orange Peel Oil Lamp Project

I’ve recently discovered a fun website called and I’m loving it because it’s giving me so many great ideas for things to write about here on my website. I’m also connecting with lots of people who are interested in the types of things that I like to write about here at Today I’ll be writing about a really cute little project that I found on Pinterest not long ago. It’s an oil lamp that is made out of nothing more than an orange peel and a bit of olive oil. As most of you know, I’m really interested…

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My Idea For A One Horsepower Hay Burning Generator

No matter what I’m doing, I seem to always be trying to dream up some new contraption that will generate electricity. Today while I was helping my husband and daughter get ready for an afternoon horse ride, I had an epiphany! Horses and mules were used for thousands of years as work animals but nowadays they are primarily used for pleasure. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for work. It’s not like their genetic makeup has changed. The only thing that has changed is the way humans choose to use them. Because our mule Annabelle is trained quite…

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Introducing Our New Experimental AMTEK 30VDC Permanent Magnet Motor

If you’re at all interested in experimenting with alternative energy, you’ve probably heard that if you take an electric motor and apply some kind of a force to it to spin the shaft, electricity will flow from its wires. Most people who consider building a wind generator or some other form of electricity generating experiment think that a car alternator is the perfect type of motor for their projects. While car alternators can be used successfully, they’re probably not the most efficient type of motor for most applications. The reason for this is that an alternator needs to have electricity…

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