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Gift From Mother Nature

Hello, my name is Patty Hahne (last name is pronounced “Haw-Knee”) and BooneyLiving.com is my blog that is all about my family’s story of going off the grid and learning to live in the boonies. If you’ve never heard the word “booney” before, allow me to define it for you. Living in the boonies means living way out in a remote part of the country.

About 8 years ago, my family and I made a MAJOR lifestyle change and loaded everything that we could fit into a 27′ U-haul truck and headed to Bly Mountain which is located in southern Oregon. We decided that we had endured all we could take of city life and we went “all in”.

We bought a tiny little partially completed cabin that had been constructed from a kit by some hippies many years prior and jumped in to our new adventure head first. Our new miniature home had no electricity, no running water, and no bathroom facilities if you can believe that. Moving out to this little cabin symbolized our decision to go native and get back to a more simple way of living and that’s exactly what we did.

We jumped into our new way of living completely unprepared and the first few years were really tough. Along the way, we were educated by the good old fashioned school of hard knocks.

I created this blog to share our experiences with the world and hopefully help out some of you who may be thinking about making this kind of lifestyle change. You’ll find many articles about the various aspects of living off the grid or living in a rural off grid setting.

Some New And Exciting Changes Are Brewing!

We’ve recently made the decision to open on a new chapter here at BooneyLiving.com and do a case study where we document the process of taking an old home that we bought that is far from being energy efficient and transforming it into one that is very efficient. Click here to learn more about these new changes!