Are You Really Still Using Non Rechargeable Batteries?

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Rechargeable BatteriesThe other day I was out grocery shopping when I noticed a lady who was buying several huge packages of AA alkaline batteries. When I asked her what she was going to do with all of them, she told me that her kids go through them like crazy because they need them for their toys.

When I heard her say this I couldn’t believe my ears. This just didn’t make any sense at all to me. For a minute there, I thought we had just hopped in a DeLorean time machine and traveled back to 1984 with Michal J. Fox in the movie Back To The Future!

I knew right then and there that I had to educate this poor woman. She must be going broke buying all these batteries week in and week out.

After talking with her for a minute, I learned that she didn’t even know that she could buy rechargeable batteries that would work just fine in her kid’s toys. I then walked her over to the battery isle and showed her how inexpensive the charging unit and the rechargeable batteries actually were.

I picked up one recharging unit and a couple of packages of rechargeable AA batteries and held them next to the huge quantity of alkaline batteries that she was planning on buying. Then I asked her, “What makes more sense? Buying hundreds of batteries that you’ll have to throw away in a few days or a few of these that you can recharge over and over?

Without even answering me, she left her cart full of batteries in the isle and walked up to the cash register with a handful of the rechargeable AA’s and a charging unit. As she was walking away, she thanked me profusely because she didn’t even realize that this was an option for her.

If you’re still using standard alkaline batteries, you’re not only wasting your money but you’re harming the environment. What do you think happens to the chemicals that are in an alkaline battery when you throw it away? They end up in our landfills and they seep into the ground water that you, I, and our children drink!

Rechargeable Batteries Really Are Quite Inexpensive

To give you an example of just how inexpensive this technology has become, I recently purchased a Rayovac easy charger that came with 2 AA and 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries and it only set me back $9.97.

Let’s take a quick minute and think about how much I’ll save over the long run by using these batteries. Assuming that I would have had to pay about $5.00 to buy the alkaline versions of these batteries and assuming that I’m able to recharge these batteries 50 times, I would save myself about $240 dollars. This is based on if I would have purchased 50 packages of alkaline batteries at $5.00 per package (50 x $5.00 – $9.97 = $240.03).

If you’re thinking that you’d rather not have to be bothered with recharging your batteries, it’s really not much of a bother. With the combo pack that I just bought, you just place the batteries in the charger and the charger plugs into any wall outlet. I usually leave them in the charger overnight and they are ready to use when I wake up. Charging these types of batteries is really no more of an inconvenience than charging a cell phone.

Folks, just a quick reminder. It’s almost the year 2012! There is no reason whatsoever why people should still be using alkaline batteries in their electronic devices. I’ll bet you’ve ditched that old film camera long ago for a new digital camera. It’s time to take advantage of the technology that is available to you today and ditch the outdated alkaline battery technology as well.

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  1. Norm Michaels says:

    I just purchased a new digital camera…Only alkaline non rechargeable batteries will work in it so far. When I put in fully charged Nickel Metal Hydride AA’s the camera’s alert system gave me a message saying “Battery Charge insufficient” and then the camera shuts down. I will be sending that camera back!

    • Patty Hahne says:

      I don’t blame you Norm. It’s ridiculous that a manufacturer would make such a device. Practically everything comes with rechargeable batteries these days. I would definitely send it back.

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