That Old Junk In Your Back Yard Could Be Worth Money!

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Recycle for profitOne thing that many rural homes have in common is that there’s usually two or three old broken down cars parked in every backyard.

People who live out in the country tend to collect things that they think they “might use” somewhere on down the line. This often ends up turning back yards into large scrap piles of rusting metal that can actually be turned into cold hard cash that you can line your pockets with.

A few years ago we were faced with the dire need to come up with some cash because something in our house was broken that needed to be replaced. We didn’t have the cash so we started to think about how we might be able to raise the money when my husband came up with the idea to haul a lot of the scrap metal that we had in the yard down to the recycler.

You wouldn’t believe how much scrap metal we had accumulated over the years. We had old rusty washing machines, fence posts, barbed wire and lots of other metal items that actually had a cash value. We picked through the stuff that my husband felt like he could part with and loaded a bunch of the old metal items into one of our trailers and hauled them down to town. I couldn’t hardly believe that we got over $100 for that one load!

There’s Gold In Them There Hills!

One of the big problems that we have in the area that we live in is that instead of hauling old broken washing machines and water heaters to the garbage dump or recycle yard, people often drive down rural roads and simply throw them out of the truck and into the forest. Up until this point, this had simply been a minor irritation to us but suddenly we realized that we could actually cash in on other people’s inconsiderate disposal of their trash. All we did was drive up and down the mountain roads in our area and clean up the garbage that people had thrown from their trucks.
By doing this, we were actually able to take several loads of scrap metal to the recycling yard and make plenty of money to fund the repair bill that we were faced with.

How Recycling Bulk Scrap Metal Works

If you’ve never recycled old metal before, you should know that it’s really easy to do. All you do is take it to a scrap metal yard and they will weigh your vehicle as you enter the yard and they will even unload for you. Then you drive your vehicle back over the scales and they weigh you one more time to find out exactly how much scrap metal you delivered in terms of pounds. Then you simply go to the front desk and you will be paid based upon whatever the current price per pound for the particular type of metal that you recycled was.

How To Recycle Old Cars

One thing you may not realize is that those old broken down rusty cars that you have cluttering up your backyard can actually be worth money t00. It doesn’t even matter if they run or not. As a matter of fact they can be in horrible condition and you can still get money for them. All you have to do is call a local scrap yard and they will actually come out to your house, load the car onto one of their flatbed trailers, and pay you in cash for it. Where we live, you can usually get between $80 to $100 for one of these old clunkers.

If you ever find yourself in need of some quick cash, you might want to think about cleaning up that old backyard and turning that rusty junk into gold by recycling it. You’ll be helping the planet by doing your part to recycle and you’ll be financially rewarded for your efforts.

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