You Won’t Believe How Much Fun Freecycling Can Be!

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If you’re thinking that this article is going to be about riding a bicycle, you’re quite mistaken. What I will be talking about today is a really fun way to recycle. I don’t mean the type of recycling that you do when you take your aluminum cans in to the grocery store to exchange them each for a nickel either.

There’s a really cool program that you will find in almost all cities and it’s called “freecycling”. This is basically a way of recycling common everyday items that you normally wouldn’t be able to recycle.

Here’s how it works, you basically sign up for your local freecycle group by going to and entering the city that you are nearest into the search box. This will tell whether there is a freecycling group near you. There probably is and once you find one, you can sign up by simply entering an email address and choosing a username and password.

After you have signed up, you will be able to post items that you would like to give away for free on your local freecycle group. Then, if another member of the group would like to have the item that you are giving away, they will contact you and you can make arrangements for them to pick it up.

We’ve gotten lots of great things from our local freecycle group. As a matter of fact, we received a washer and dryer set that was only two years old! The lady who was giving them away actually received them when they were brand new as a gift but she didn’t like the fact that the washing machine wasn’t the front loading type. Like I said, they were only two years old and she gave them to us for absolutely nothing!

We’ve also given several things away. For example, we gave away a really nice exercise machine that we didn’t have a use for any more. All we had to do was list the item on the freecycle message board and within a couple of hours a very nice lady emailed us saying that she would love to have it. A couple of hours later, she showed up at the house and hauled it off.

I have some friends who got their entire living room furniture from the freecycle group. This program is an amazing way of keeping items like this out of our landfill’s. Most people who buy new furniture simply end up taking their old couches and chairs to the garbage dump when there are plenty of people who would love to have it.

I highly suggest that if you haven’t already done so that you drop by and sign up for your local group and start participating in a great way of re-purposing old items. You will be helping out a lot of good people and you might just end up getting some pretty cool stuff at the same time!

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