The Solar Bottle Bulb is What is All About

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I stumbled across a video today on YouTube that does an amazing job of really encompassing the exact message that I’m trying to get across here at

The video that I watched showed a man who is making a difference in the lives of his neighbors and friends in the town of San Pedro which is a poverty stricken town in the Philippines. This man is dramatically improving the quality of life for his friends and neighbors who can’t afford to turn on electric lights very often. I would have included this video in this article the the author has marked as “private” which means that I’m not able to display it on my website.

The residents of this third world town live in rudimentary shelters that are constructed of cinder blocks and galvanized tin roofing. Most of them can’t afford the luxury of glass windows which means that their modest living quarters are dark nearly all of the time.

With nothing more than a recycled plastic 2 liter soda bottle, some simple tools, and a little bit of water and chlorine, this man is installing solar bottle lights that are actually capable of putting out the equivalent of a 55 watt electric light bulb.

This video was posted on YouTube in October of 2011 and at that time over one thousand of these amazing solar bottle lights had been installed by this one man who has chosen to do what he can to make a difference in the lives of others. The man who is behind this amazing use of alternative energy has taken to installing these lights full time because the demand has grown so much. He makes a little over $1.00 for each of the lights that he installs but I have no doubt that Karma will repay him ten fold for his efforts.

He has already helped a lot of people by installing these solar powered bottle lights but if you can believe it, he has a goal of getting one million of these lights installed in homes in the Philippines by the end of next year.

I can’t think of a better example of what is all about. It’s not about the most high tech and sophisticated alternative energy systems. It’s about the exploration of ideas and applying those ideas in ways that transform lives.

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