Little Things Can Make a Big Impact On The Planet

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Earth BulbMany people are concerned about issues such as conserving energy and keeping our planet as healthy as they can but they don’t think they can do anything to make much of a difference. I’ve heard people say things like, “I’m interested in alternative energy but I could never afford to install solar panels on my home.” I’ve also heard things like, “we don’t recycle because we don’t really use that many products that come in aluminum cans.”

The point I want to make with this post is that even the smallest of things can make a difference. Let’s assume that you would like to conserve energy but you can’t afford to take your house off the grid. Even the smallest of things you do can make a difference. Let me give you an example of how little things done on a large scale can really add up.

GE makes compact florescent light bulbs that can be used anyplace that a regular incandescent bulb can be used. These bulbs are amazing! They are inexpensive to purchase and they only require 13 watts of electricity to put out the same amount of light as a standard 60W incandescent light bulb.

Lets do a bit of math here. If you and 1000 of your closest friends were to replace just one 60W bulb in your house with one of these bulbs that only require 13 watts of power, the total watts that would be saved would be 47,047 watts! The amount of power that would be saved by using those 1,001 compact florescent bulbs would be enough to light up an additional 3,619 of these bulbs. That’s if only one bulb was changed from one lamp in your home and if only 1,000 other people did the same thing. This simple change can make a HUGE impact on the amount of energy that is saved.

Now imagine that you and your 1000 closest friends were to replace every bulb in your home with these super efficient bulbs. If you all replaced 10 of your 60W incandescent bulbs with 13W CF bulbs, you would save 470,470 watts of electricity! That’s enough to light 36,190 of these 13 watt compact florescent bulbs! I don’t know about you but this seems like a pretty big impact to me!

If you’re thinking that it would be too expensive to change all the bulbs in your home with these super efficient bulbs, it’s really not. I just checked and for only $14.99 you can buy 16 of these bulbs on Amazon right now.

The point that I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t cost a lot to make changes to your habits that can dramatically reduce the amount of energy that our planet consumes. So much could be done to help our planet by people just like yourself if they only realized how much of an impact the smallest changes in their habits can actually make.

The next time you’re thinking that a little change won’t make that much of a difference, imagine if a million people made the same change. This is how we change the world. We convince millions of people to make small changes but it has to start someplace. It might as well start with you.

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