What is Overunity and is it Really Possible To Achieve?

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over unity light bulb infographicAwe, overunity, the classic topic that is perfect for stirring up heated debates with physicists at the drop of a hat. The very fact that I choose to write about this topic will no doubt cause me to lose credibility with many of the loyal readers of BooneyLiving.com.

Whether you call it overunity, perpetual motion, or free energy, most physicists will say that creating these types of devices is a pipe dream and that it’s scientifically not possible to achieve. I ask you to keep an open mind when you’re reading this article and remember that the greatest scientific discoveries are often those that were once deemed impossible by well known and respected scientists.

What is Overunity?

Before you can form an opinion about whether this is actually possible you’ll need to understand what it is. Over-unity is most commonly used to describe a machine that is somehow able to output more energy than the amount of energy that is put into it.

This is a bit different than the concept of perpetual motion which is basically just a device that once started will continue to run without any more energy being applied to it. Both of these concepts are theoretically impossible based on our current understanding of physics.

over unity device graphic

Any machine that is able to put out more energy than the amount of energy that is fed into it is
said to be achieving overunity. This is considered to be impossible by many scientists.

Is Overunity Really Possible To Achieve?

I believe that the answer to this is yes and I think someone will develop an overunity machine in the not to distant future. In fact, I believe that someone may have already successfully built such a device.

According to a well known law of physics, these kinds of devices just aren’t possible to make. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be either created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another.

This is physics as we understand it TODAY; Not as it actually is. I know that just by saying this, physicists all over the world are thinking that I’m an idiot but please just keep an open mind for a moment. I believe the most important thing to understand about physics or any form of science is that it’s not always as black and white as it may seem. New discoveries are being made all the time that were once thought to be impossible.

The thing I enjoy the most about science is the possibility of discovery. I have a very hard time understanding how so many physicists can be so narrow minded as to believe that just because we don’t understand how to do something today we will never be able to do it.

The Internet is full of people who are trying to sell plans for how to make free energy machines. While I believe that free energy is possible, I’m also not so gullible as to believe that these people aren’t probably just running a scam to get our money.

YouTube is full of videos of machines that “claim” to be producing more energy than is put into them. I suppose it’s possible that one of these videos might be true but since I don’t have any way to validate whether they are actual over unity devices, I’m not convinced. I’m not saying that they are all hoaxes but I’m not going to say that they’ve achieved the impossible just yet.

If Such Technology Does Exist, Why Aren’t We Making Use of It Already?

If you’re a fan of this kind of thing, you’ve no doubt heard countless stories of people who have done things like develop a carburetor that gets 100 miles to the gallon only to be threatened, harassed, or even murdered by the powerful oil tycoons who don’t want this technology leaked to the masses. Conspiracy theorists around the globe will tell you that the reason these devices aren’t in use today is because those who come up with working prototypes are either payed millions of dollars by some very powerful people to keep quiet or they are harassed to the point that they are afraid to come forward with their discoveries.

I’m not so sure how to feel about this. Logically speaking, it makes sense that oil companies wouldn’t want society to have access to these types of technologies because it would dramatically hurt their profit margins. Do I believe that they would go so far as to harass budding inventors to the point that they would stop working on their projects for fear of losing their lives? The part of me that doesn’t want to be perceived as a nutty conspiracy theorist wants to say no but if I’m to be 100% honest with myself and my readers, I have to admit that I think there must be at least a modicum of truth to these stories.

It’s not at all difficult for me to believe that a big oil company would buy the patent of an energy saving device and stipulate that the inventor never speak of his or her achievements.

My Plea To Those Working on an Over Unity Generator Project

I’m sure that there are thousands of people or companies who are working on free energy projects even as we speak. To those people, I would like to offer a bit of advice. If you think that posting a video on YouTube of your machine running is going to give you credibility, you’re sadly mistaken. Video evidence isn’t as credible as it once was because it’s just too easy to fake. Anyone with an iPhone and a YouTube account can throw together this type of a video. This isn’t the 30’s where something as simple as the War of the Worlds radio broadcast was enough to incite mass hysteria.

Some might believe you but most people will pigeon hole your video as just another smoke and mirrors hoax on YouTube. If you really want some credibility, call your local news and have them document the machine working in the presence of a respected scientist who will validate that your machine is actually doing what you’re claiming it is doing.

Here’s a perfect example of an over unity motor video that seems believable enough but it’s missing the important element of having a reputable third party person to validate the claims made in it.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I absolutely love discussing the topic of overunity. Please take a minute and share your thoughts on the matter with the rest of us here at BooneyLiving.com. You can leave a comment in the box at the bottom of your screen to join in on the conversation.

36 Responses to “What is Overunity and is it Really Possible To Achieve?”

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  1. Jade says:


    Please tel me what I should do If I have working overunity machine. Please take this as a serious question. Should I get others involved to back me. I too have heard many stories I really need some help.

    Many Thanks,


    • Patty Hahne says:

      Hi Jade, Keep in mind that I’m not a lawyer or even remotely qualified to offer legal advice but if I was in your shoes, I would hire a good patent attorney and get the device patented to protect my discovery. Once I had legal protection for my discover, I would make the decision as to whether or not I wanted to sell the design or seek out investors to help me further develop the project.

      • alex says:

        Jade whatever you do, do not mention overunity to the patent office because thats a no no and will immediately draw unwanted attention and most certainly a negated patent. This is the experience from other inventors, not my own.

        • Dave says:

          Can you patent an overunity device without a working model to demonstrate?

          • Arnold says:

            Whatever you do do not try to start introducing it into the Western world as you will be stopped one way or another.

  2. Lalita says:

    This is good topic and i totally agreed with you.

  3. Mark says:

    I do not know what exactly happened in the video, but I doubt the water comes from a running pipe. If so, then you have to take the water’s kinetic energy into account instead of just counting the energy that drives the motor.

  4. Dennis Leefarr says:

    I am unable to take seriously any consideration relating to the kinetic energy of water which may be being moved by gravity or mains power or for that matter being poured un from a container. It would make little or no difference to the observed gain in power output.
    I suppose some people have to look for any possible factor which can detract from an observed but not fully understood phenomena .

  5. Marty says:

    As I understand, if it is possible somewhere in our universe, we would rethink our present view that perpetual motion is not possible..

    Le me ask: what is that little thing that flies around protons in an “Atom” ?
    An electron, hmmmm… how long does it fly around the Protons?

    Forever you say… Hmmm… sure sounds like perpetual motion to me…

    I think, if it is possible in an atom, we may be able to use magnetism to make a larger model…
    What do you think?

    • Corey says:

      That’s a very interesting concept marty,
      Even though overunity may or may not be possible….in my mind perpetual motion just seems like common sense if magnets are in use and arrayed in the right sequences.

    • Douglas says:

      I agree!

      • Arnold says:


  6. boomer says:

    It still took a big electrical motor to spin it… Regardless of the output of pressure and heat…and the system shown is not producing the electrical power to the motor….now, if it was turning a sufficient steam turbine and generator, that could power the big motor, and more than just the motor, it might impress me. Holes enhancing pressure and thus the energy, I suppose, might create more energy than a more conventional way..this guy actually DOES seem to have a product after all…it is all in HOW you do something. The Wright Brothers did it only after a new, more effiecient engine had been developed. Was that over unity, or just more effective design and use of power? This seems to be in the design…efficiency is always pushing the limits.

  7. boomer says:

    The holes may also enhance the speed of the unit he inserted, thus adding to the energy…I think he is enhancing the physics…

  8. Scott Hankin says:

    Innovation is often born from large corporations with big ideas and deep pockets, or from major universities staffed with world-renowned researchers and the brightest young minds of their generation. The synthesis of innovative ideas rarely comes to fruition without the collaborative effort of those who have devoted their lives to science, technology, or business. Hypotheses are formulated, experiments or models are designed, and hours and hours of time and resources are spent attempting to answer those questions – most often only to result in failure. But sometimes, greatness is derived from a simple idea from a single common man. The willpower, plus a little luck, from an individual can rise above the scientific elite and achieve things previously deemed impossible. Sometimes it takes a different perspective, one that has not been trained through the traditional educational system, one that does not know better, to challenge the impossible, to present an idea and bring it to life.
    Today, I am that man. I am here in front of you today without a college diploma, without any formal scientific or engineering background, yet I have for you today a model for what has been called impossible….…a myth

    We have acquired 12 international patents.
    The Original Inventor died at 97 ….
    I’m 33, and wish to see a change

    • Corey says:

      I suppose your going to share the name of your invention/patents?

      • Emergent101 says:

        Corey, you meant to say the opposite, correct?

  9. David Bowling says:

    What people need to understand is that while what we have been shown about electricity is MOSTLY true, there are ways to use it that we have NOT been shown.

    When you put two 12 volt car batteries in series to get 24 volts and connect to an electric motor, the energy comes out of the batteries, goes through the motor (running it) and back into the battery where it is neutralized. The batteries slowly lose power.

    You can take that same pair of 12 volt batteries in series, connect the available positive terminal to one side of an electric motor, and connect the other side of the motor to the positive of a third battery. (Running the motor between two positive terminals. Yes, that’s right) Connect the negative of that third battery back to the open negative terminal on the two batteries wired in series. Now when the motor runs, the two batteries in series go DOWN, but the third battery goes UP in voltage. The batteries will STILL discharge, but MUCH, MUCH slower. This is an experiment a 7th grader can do to see if I am telling the truth or not. There are many, many ways this system can be improved to the point that there are almost NO LOSSES in the system and that third battery can ALMOST charge faster than the two primary batteries discharge. You get the use of the motor ALMOST for FREE. This is not theory or speculation, it is FACT. Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. I have been posting schematics of improvements, videos of how to rewind the basic motor, test results and modifications for 9 years now, and MANY people have replicated this. IF this motor is hooked to a lenz free generator so that a little power can be put back into the primary batteries once in a while, who knows how long the system will run. (I do) But better than 95% of the input energy can be recovered. So WHATEVER the generator puts out is almost ALL FREE ENERGY. It’s not rocket science, I’ve helped a LOT of people put together working systems, and I haven’t charged them a dime.

  10. alex says:

    Just a few days ago we suffered a loss with John Bedini’s death but not too many people know that his brother, whom was in charge of the buisiness aspect of Bedini passed away 4 hours before bedini

  11. johnstein says:

    I have experimented with just about anything you can come up with, but I have never actually tested to death that project which you just discussed; the two batteries in series, a motor and a third battery.
    Thank you for being here and giving me a renewed interest in completing that issue of “how long can I make it work”.
    I’ll get going on it and if I can come up with alterations/improvements, or maybe even a success to a newer project success in overunity, ( I have to warn you that I am not convinced a success will result, as I am a believer in the laws at hand presently,) I’ll report back. Jstein.

  12. johnstein says:

    The video seems convincing but I wonder.
    By the looks of the electric motor which drives the steam generator, the frictional resistances and weight (mass) of the armature and more, plus startup amps and amps at rpm including loss through heat and friction due to drag of the generator itself with water seeking power to be heated through friction which produces yet more drag, electrical cost alone would in my opinion well outweigh the gain the generator could possibly produce.
    Overunity in this video would wait a long time to happen in my opinion.
    I think boiling water to get the amount of steam this thing could produce for heat or power would be simpler and cheaper.
    The idea is sound and indeed innovative, but looks to have nothing much to do with savings over conventional steam production, again in my opinion. Jstein.

  13. Chris Bennett says:

    I say it’s a pipe dream for those who wish to make tons and tons of money by simply dealing in patent and intellectual property.
    The real benifits will come to those who use it to better their lives and streamline RV,Marine,and Off Grid capability. I think it is 100% feasable, nor does it break any laws of physics. Essentially if you were to plot the power curve then the power is coming from a downhill effect. Two different windings whereas one winding has a creation advantage and the other has an output advantage offset to create the sustained freefall effect. Happy Camping!!!!

  14. Chris Bennett says:

    Only in recent times have the stars aligned in many ways to make this a more viable endeavor

    *LED Lighting and efficient 5 volt USB electronics
    *Cheap inverters
    *Cheap and powerful Brushless DC moters
    *Cheap solid State Components and ECUs Speed controllers

    As for HVAC,Water Heaters, and Refridgeration it is still 5- 10 years off.

  15. Adam says:

    I am presently working on a project. I have read and heard lots, go underground with anything overunity. They don’t want stuff like that in the public eye

  16. Eytan Suchard says:

    Einstein’s cosmic constant allows accelerated or at least linear cosmic expansion by which gravitational energy increases. Globally it means that energy is not preserved. Applying the Woodward Effect in spacetime will therefore, extract energy on the expense of this endless expansion.

  17. Robert Davis says:

    I have a working theory on how to make an over unity machine. It has to do with self-contained wind farming and a few ….. Shapes. On paper (computer paper) it works in many configurations and can be scaled up or down from my original plans. I would like some help finding the scientist who will stand by the machine. I tried haramein since its based in part on his research but he won’t answer my texts. Plz help.

  18. Robert Davis says:

    I am very serous about what I’ve said here. I will send any reputable company or person the basics of my generator and if you can find one reason it won’t work I would be shoc’ked. I know it works I just need to build it and its a simple build. Could really use some help with who to talk to.

  19. Robert Davis says:

    OK so this is an infantile site. You wouldn’t happen to know where a person could go to find real help or is this site totally bogus?

    • Patty Hahne says:


      I don’t know where you can get help with your project and apparently no one else does either or perhaps they just don’t care to comment. This will be the last comment I approve of yours if you are going to be rude.

      • Robert Davis says:

        I wasn’t trying to be rude I apologize. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago and I’d like to see this happen before I go. All I need is a starting point that will take me seriously. It does work and thinking logically you will know it works without seeing it because of how it works. Five minute’s would change the most closed minded persons mind then change the world. I just don’t want it to become classified and kept by our leaders never to see the light of day again. Plz help

        • Dave Koehler says:

          Hi Robert,

          I can advise you. Feel free to contact me.


  20. Chris says:

    It makes me sad that so many supposedly “smart” people can be so dumb. Stop it. Over unity is NOT possible, and anyone with any REAL UNDERSTANDING of physics can CLEARLY SEE all the reasons why it is NOT possible, and none of these devises will EVER work. There is such a thing as being educated beyond ones intelligence, and you people here all make perfect examples.

    • sesha says:

      Chris, you are thinking nothing out of the box. there is over unity in terms of electricity, not energy, remember it.

  21. Robert Dold says:

    I have a working over-unity machine.

  22. Dave Koehler says:

    Love the comments! Let’s get a device out now so the world can embrace a monumental shift in Energy production and control. $350+ Trillion to combat climate change. Get it done!

  23. sesha says:

    i am very sure that over unity in terms of electrical power exists. well, as said in the explanation, the petroleum investors will not allow the devices like this to be in public. world is governed by profit and power from profit, well, to those who thought profit is motive, they are really against these kind of alternate physics methods. electrical over unity device is simple, if a high torque motor is fit to multiple low torque dynamos of same power as the motor, the input becomes less than the output. dynamos with low torque of 1000 watt have high voltage capacity and rpm value, same power using motors have motors have high ampere capacity and low volt capacity, and have less rpm. when multiple dynamos are fitted to the motor, they yield larger power at output than power at input for the motor, provided the total torque used by the motor is always larger than the dynamos altogether. when such a set up is built, well from 1000 watts, 32 kilowatt power can be generated. its a small scale value, the size of this power plant will be about 2.5 cubic meters.

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