Is Geothermal Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable?

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geothermal renewable energy steam coming out of the groundMany students of renewable energy find themselves asking the question; is geothermal energy renewable? Today I’ll do my best to answer that question for you but you should know that this post won’t teach you what this type of energy actually is since I’ve already covered that in another article here at

There’s no sense beating around the bush so let’s get right to it. The answer to the question; “is geothermal renewable?” is yes! It is absolutely a renewable energy resource.

Why Is Geothermal Energy Considered A Renewable Resource?

In order for an energy source to be considered “renewable” it must meet three criteria. These are the three questions that I ask myself when I’m trying to decide if a particular source of energy can actually be classified as renewable.

  1. Is the “source of energy” naturally provided by nature? Answer must be yes.
  2. Will the “source of energy” eventually run out? Answer must be no.
  3. Is the “source of energy” naturally replenished by nature after it is used? Answer must be yes.

So, let’s apply these questions to today’s question.

  1. Is this source of energy provided by nature? Answer: Of course it is.
  2. Will this source of energy eventually run out? Answer: No, it will not.
  3. Is this source of energy naturally replenished by nature? Answer: Yes, it is.

When we apply my three questions to geothermal energy, it’s quite clear that yes this is actually a form of renewable energy. Keep in mind that things aren’t always as black and white as they may seem however. For example, this is clearly a source of energy that is replenished by nature but there are several advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy that should be considered when studying this subject.

That fact that something can be considered renewable does not always mean that it is the perfect solution to the problem of generating electricity for our planet’s growing population. There is a tendency for people to automatically think that harnessing a particular type of energy will solve all of the problems that we as a society will face in the years to come when it comes to the task of meeting our tremendous energy demands.

This is never as simple as it may appear. It’s like saying that all herbs are good for you because they are “all natural”. We all know that there are plenty of herbs that are “all natural” that are quite toxic and capable of causing death. The point that I’m trying to make is to always remember to look at different forms of energy objectively so that you can understand the various pros and cons associated with using them.

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