We’re In LOVE with Our DR Field and Brush Mower!

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We were recently able to barter for a really nice DR Field and Brush Mower. It’s about 12 years old but it was the biggest one they made at the time and it has the 30″ wide “commercial” deck.

If we were to purchase a new comparable model today, it would cost us about $3,500 which is WAY out of our price range. That’s what I love about bartering. If both parties are happy with the trade, it’s a good deal.

We had to do a little tune up and some basic maintenance to get it going but after putting a little elbow grease into it, we have an absolutely AMAZING machine.

While this machine might look like an oversized lawn mower, make no mistake, it’s definitely no lawn mower! It’s actually advertised to be able to cut through a 3″ sapling!

We own five acres in the forest and a lot of it had 6 foot tall sage brush growing on it. I was really skeptical as to whether or not it could really handle the tall sage brush on our property, let alone a 3″ sapling until my husband put it to the test.

Here’s what we learned from our tests. The unit has to be able to push the brush or saplings over in order to be able to cut them. In our testing, we found out that if it can push it over, it can cut it!

I had no doubt that a machine like this could cut tall grass and weeds but I really didn’t believe that it could handle the huge sage brush that we cut with it. Believe me when I tell you that this sage brush was tall and very thick at the base. Here’s how we managed to cut it:

  1. We just put it in first gear and went slow.
  2. When the machine started to push the sagebrush over the front end would ride up the brush.
  3. Then my husband would pause and let it cut.
  4. Then he would disengage the blade and put it in reverse and back it up.
  5. Then he would engage the blade and go forward again cutting a bit more of the brush.
  6. Then he would repeat the steps until the whole brush was cut.

I should point out that we did buy the heavy duty brush cutting blade. It’s a little thicker blade that is designed to more easily cut through heavy brush.

Needless to say, we were blown away at the performance of our “new to us” DR Field and Brush Mower. We were able to clear in one day what would have taken us months to clear by hand.

The Down Side

While we are very happy with this machine, part of our property is on a hill. The machine has five gears. Four forward gears and one reverse gear. Despite the fact that it has big knobby tires to grip the ground and propel it forward, maneuvering the heavy machine on the hill is a lot of work.

That’s the only thing we don’t like about it. My husband refers to it as his “exercise machine”.

The Up Side

Since we live in the forest and we don’t have a neatly manicured lawn, this machine is perfect for our needs. Not only can it make short work of brush, it does a great job of cutting tall grass or weeds that grow in the spring.

If you live in the boonies and you have need for this type of a machine, all I can tell you is that we really love ours.

Warning: This is a SERIOUS piece of machinery that can cause serious injuries if operated incorrectly. Make sure you follow all of the manufacturer’s safety recommendations when using it.

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