The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is Amazing

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amope pedi perfect electronic foot file infographicWhenever I find a product I really like that I think will be interesting to the readers of Booney Living, I try to post a review of it. Today I’ll be reviewing what I think is a really cool product which is the Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file.

For many years my husband has struggled to find a product that would effectively remove calluses from his feet. He always wears work boots when he’s out and about working on our little homestead and consequently, he usually develops quite thick calluses on the heels of his feet as well as some near the outer edge by his pinky toe.

His calluses were actually really thick. I would estimate that on his heels, they were nearly 1/4 inch thick. Not only were they thick, he was embarrassed to wear sandals without socks because he was self-conscious about how bad his feet looked. And, we all know that wearing sandals with socks just isn’t cool.

We’ve tried about every kind of lotion that we could find but nothing seemed to do the trick. We even tried a home remedy that suggested soaking your feet in a mixture of vinegar, Listerine, and warm water but that didn’t really seem to do much either. We also tried soaking his feet in warm water and then using pumice stones and believe it or not he even tried using his electric sander!

Finally, We Discovered the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

While watching television one night, we saw an advertisement for what I personally believe is the best callus remover on the market. At least it’s the best that I’ve been able to find. After seeing the commercial, we went to our local Walmart and we found a similar device made by a different company that worked okay but it really lacked power and the abrasive drum really didn’t seem that abrasive. After about two weeks, I was at Walmart again but this time I saw the actual brand that we had seen advertised on TV so I bought it. The price was $36.84 which I thought was a bit steep at first but after seeing how well it works, I think the price is quite fair.

My husband was eager to give it a try and to his surprise and delight, it worked amazingly well! It runs on AA batteries and it has a much stronger motor than other battery powered foot callus remover that he had previously tried. With the other one, if you applied even a little bit of pressure, it would stall the motor and the disc would quit turning altogether.

Another thing that he really likes about this particular heel callus remover is that the sanding drum is wider and it is designed so that it protrudes above the plastic arms that hold it in place which means that more surface area of the drum makes contact with his foot. The drum is also more abrasive in his opinion and you can actually purchase replacement drums in packages of two at Walmart as well.

The Amope Foot File Actually Works As Advertised!

As I watched my husband use this callus remover tool for the first time, it was fun to see how delighted he was that he had finally found a product that was working to remove his tough, hardened foot calluses. In just a short period of time, he was able to remove his calluses and all that was left was a pile of dust on the carpet.

Now, he uses this battery operated callus remover every couple of days as a preventative measure to keep the calluses on his feet from returning and he’s been very thrilled with how well it’s performing. I’m usually pretty skeptical about these “as seen on TV” type of products but I have to admit that this particular product has far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to all you homesteaders, farmers and ranchers who develop thick calluses because you spend all day in work boots. On second thought, I recommend it for anyone who is struggling to find a product to remove calluses on your feet. As I previously mentioned, it’s the best foot callus remover that we’ve ever tried!

Warning: If you’re a diabetic or have other health conditions, make sure that you check with your doctor before using any product on your feet.


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