Let’s Have a Round of Applause For Great Customer Service From Dremel

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I happen to believe that we are living in a world where customer service isn’t nearly as good as it once was. In my opinion, the days of, “the customer is always right” have long since passed. To give you a good idea of exactly what it is that I’m talking about, ask yourself this. When was the last time you were at a big box department store and had a cashier say, “thanks for shopping here?”

I have actually noticed that nearly every time I go through the checkout stand, I find myself saying thank you instead of them thanking me for spending my hard earned money at their store.

With this in mind, our family likes to take every opportunity we can to reward good customer service. For example, if we get really good service from a waiter or waitress, we tip very well. If we get really great service at a store, we’ll take the time to track down the employee’s supervisor and tell them what good service we received. We’ve even been known to send a letter to the store owner or manager informing them about the good service we received from a particular employee.

Today’s Shout Out For Great Customer Service

In the spirit of recognizing companies that offer great customer service, today I’d like to tell you about a recent experience that we had with the company that makes Dremel rotary tools. My husband recently acquired a used Dremel 400 XPR that came with an accessory called the “flex shaft”. When he got it out of the box to inspect it and try it out, he discovered that the flex shaft attachment was missing a small piece near the tip that is designed to give your hand a stable position to hold onto while using the tool.

I’m sure that when the accessory was new, this part was in the package but whoever had the tool before my husband did must have removed it for some reason and lost it. My husband was more than willing to purchase a replacement part so he contacted Dremel via email asking how he could go about purchasing the part and how much it would cost.

To our surprise, we received the following email from their customer service representative within a matter of hours despite the fact that my husband sent the email on a Friday afternoon.

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for emailing Dremel.

I believe you are describing the housing cap that is on the end of the Flex Shaft handpiece.

Please confirm your shipping information and I can provide a replacement as a one time courtesy.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Jamie Corley

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Consumer Services
4915 21st Street
Racine WI 53406

Both my husband and I were quite delighted with the level of customer support that they were willing to provide for a customer who had purchased a used tool. I’m also pleased to report that true to their word, the the replacement part arrived on our door in a matter of three or four days.

I’d like to publicly thank both the customer service representative for Dremel as well as the company themselves for providing such good customer service in this day and age. They truly have gone above and beyond our expectations in this case.

I’d also like to encourage anyone who happens to read this article to make a habit of rewarding good customer service. It might mean that you have to take a little bit of time out of your day but the people who provide excellent customer service deserve this at the very least.

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