Don’t Let Old Batteries Destroy Your Electronic Devices

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AA BatteryIf you’re like me, you are probably on a fixed budget which means you need to do all that you can to save money whenever possible. Today I would like to tell you about an unfortunate experience that my husband just had. My hope is that by sharing this with you, it will save some of you a little bit of money by not having your expensive electronic devices destroyed.

My husband is a little bit of an amateur photography buff. Over the years, he has acquired a little bit of photography equipment here and there whenever we had a some extra money. As a matter of fact, he actually sold his favorite saddle several years ago so that he could buy his first high quality digital camera.

This last year, has been really busy for him and he hasn’t had the opportunity to get out and take any photos. The other day, he got the itch and was determined to get out and try and snap some good shots. Unfortunately, when he attached his external flash to his camera, it didn’t work. His initial instinct was to simply replace the batteries because it had been over a year since he had used it last. No big deal, right? Well, that’s what he thought until he opened the battery compartment and was surprised to find a huge mess of battery corrosion all over everything.

Several years ago I had experienced similar problems in flashlights that we had stored away for emergency use. Over time, the batteries would leak acid and destroy the flashlight. My husband had taken special precautions to buy the most expensive batteries they had at the store to put in his external flash so he didn’t think that there would be a problem with them leaking like the old-fashioned batteries did. Unfortunately, this mistake resulted in an expensive piece of photography equipment being completely ruined.

The moral of the story here is that if you are storing your electronic devices over an extended period of time, make sure that you remove the batteries.

Here’s a good tip: purchase an inexpensive digital multimeter. If you’re like us, you often end up with several batteries in your junk drawer and you have no idea if they are fresh or used up. With a simple digital multimeter, you can quickly check to see the level of charge in the battery and you’ll know if it’s good or bad.

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