A Very Clever Way Of Generating Electricity With Thermoelectric Modules!

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I absolutely love it when I stumble upon people who are thinking outside of the box and coming up with new and innovative ways of using existing technology to generate electricity.

It’s in this spirit that I would like to tell you about an amazing new product that is being developed by a couple of guys by the name of David Toledo and Paul Slusser. This revolutionary new product goes by the name of “The PowerPot” and after reading this article, I believe that you’ll agree that it certainly lives up to it’s name. I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I hope that others will read this article and be inspired to develop similar technologies.

What Is The PowerPot?

PowerPot GeneratorBefore we get too much farther along in this article, let me describe exactly what this little gem is able to do. Basically, the PowerPot utilizes waste heat from warming water while camping to generate electricity. Imagine spending your weekend in your favorite camping site and being able to charge your cell phone or other USB powered devices directly from the pot that you are cooking on!

Well, that’s exactly what this revolutionary new product can do. If you’re scratching your head and wondering how something like this could actually be possible, let me take a minute and describe the science behind this clever device. The magic behind the PowerPot lies in thermoelectric module technology.

A thermoelectric module is a tiny device that outputs a small amount of electricity when it’s exposed to heat. To be more precise, it’s actually the difference in heat between what is in the pot and the heat source that is responsible for generating electricity. This makes the product ideal for generating electricity while heating up snow or cold water that you might find while you’re out backpacking and enjoying the “boonies”.

Thermoelectric Module

This is the little gem that makes it possible for The PowerPot to do what it does!

My hat goes off to the developers of this amazing new product!

If more people would think outside of the box like they have we would see many more innovative and groundbreaking new ideas and I have no doubt that we would begin to make much more progress in the development of alternative energy technology.

Watch This PowerPot Video To See It In Action!

How Does The PowerPot Perform?

According to the inventors of this product, “…the PowerPot is a 5 watt generator that can generate up to an amp of electricity…” The device is equipped with a power regulating module to make it safe to power or charge electronic devices that can typically be charged via a USB cord.

Help Support The PowerPot Project!

David and Paul are currently trying to raise money to further develop their idea. If you would like to purchase a PowerPot, you can buy one from their website at powerpractical.com/ for $149. Alternately, you can offer a small donation of support by clicking here.

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