Check Out This Fun Orange Peel Oil Lamp Project

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Orange Peel LampI’ve recently discovered a fun website called and I’m loving it because it’s giving me so many great ideas for things to write about here on my website. I’m also connecting with lots of people who are interested in the types of things that I like to write about here at

Today I’ll be writing about a really cute little project that I found on Pinterest not long ago. It’s an oil lamp that is made out of nothing more than an orange peel and a bit of olive oil. As most of you know, I’m really interested in anything that has to do with emergency preparedness or survival so this little project is right up my alley. I hope that you’ll find it to be a fun project as well!

How To Make An Orange Peel Oil Lamp

Orange Pith WickAll we had to do to make one of these little lamps was cut an orange in half. Then we carefully removed the edible portion of the fruit being especially cautious to avoid pulling the pith out.

The pith is the center portion of the orange and this is going to be your wick which is why it’s important not to pull it out when you’re removing fruit. Next, we used a butane lighter to slightly char the pith. Then we poured about a half a cap (note that this is CAP not CUP) full of olive oil into the bottom of the orange and we lit the wick.

Okay, I have to admit that the only oranges we had here at the house were “baby mandarins” which made doing this project a bit tricky for us. It took a few tries before we were able to get the little wick to stay lit but once it caught a flame, it burned for about an hour before my husband decided to get clever and carve the other half of the orange into the worlds smallest jack-o’-lantern. When he attempted to put the top on the little lamp, he tipped it over and smothered the wick in oil. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my cute little orange peel lantern lit again after my husband messed it up.

What I Love About This Project

The thing that I absolutely love about this project is the fact that I was able to take something that has absolutely no value or common uses and in just a couple of minutes, transform it into a useful item that can be used to provide light during an emergency. Granted, the teeny tiny baby mandarin orange that I used for this project didn’t put off much light but it did serve as proof of concept.

Now I can’t wait to buy some bigger oranges and even a grapefruit to try my luck with! Doing this project has me wondering what other household items could be made into emergency lamps. The wheels are definitely turning so when I come up with another fun idea, I’ll be sure and let you all know about it here on

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Warning: Anytime you are working with fire, there is the risk of being burned or starting a much larger fire. If you choose to make this project, please don’t do it near anything flammable and exercise the utmost caution. If you actually decide to make this oil lamp project, you are doing so at your own risk. Also, If you are under 18 years of age, make sure that you have your parent’s permission and direct supervision while you are working on this project.

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