How We Reduced Our Power Bill By $300 Each Month!

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Reduced Power BillThose of you who follow know that project “BooneyLiving Energy Conservation Challenge” is underway. If you’re not familiar with what it is that we are trying to do, you can read about the project by clicking here.

So far we’ve made 12 changes to our home and our habits to reduce the amount of electricity that we use each day. This project has been really eye opening to us to say the least.

When we first started this challenge, we did like most people and started focusing our efforts on the little things that we could do to conserve electricity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to take a lot of people who are willing to make these types of little changes to result in a massive global reduction in energy usage but what we’ve learned so far is that if you really want to drastically reduce your power bill, attack the biggest offender first.

We knew all along that it was our electric furnace that used the bulk of our electricity during the winter but we started this project by focusing our efforts on little things that reduce energy consumption on a small scale.

I’ve included a chart below that shows how many kilowatts we’ve been using each day over the last 32 days. Before we started this challenge, we were averaging around 110 kilowatts of electricity used per day. Granted, we did start in the dead of winter but this is probably when most people’s power bills are the highest anyway.

Daily Electricity Usage Chart

You can see from the chart above that making the changes that we made early on did reduce our daily power usage. As a matter of fact, our power bill for the month of January was nearly $415. After we made the changes, our bill for February was nearly $100 less! That’s a pretty dramatic result by any standards!

After we had made all of the little changes that we could think to make, we were still burdened by that old forced air electric furnace. That is until a couple of weeks ago when we decided to bite the bullet and we installed a wood stove which effectively retired the old energy glutton.

After installing the wood stove, our average daily power usage has only been around 30 kilowatts! The first day that we started tracking, we used 103 kilowatts. Now we’re only using 30 a day! That’s roughly a 70% reduction which will mean that instead of paying over $400 each month for electricity, we’ll be spending around $100. That means that at least for the peak heating months, we’ve reduced our power bill by $300!

The Moral Of This Story

If you’re trying to reduce your electricity bill, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck by fixing the biggest problems first. Then, you can reduce your electricity consumption even more by doing the other types of things that we’ve already done. Feel free to read about those things by clicking right here.

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