How To Have Your Home Insulated For Free!

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My husband was recently visiting with his mother about our outrageously high power bill for the home we’re using in the BooneyLiving Energy Conservation Challenge and he learned about a very cool program that makes it possible to have extra insulation installed in your home for free!

It might seem too good to be true but many utility companies offer rebate programs for home owners who have extra insulation installed in their home. Jeff’s parents get their electricity through Rocky Mountain Power and their natural gas through Questar and both of these utilities currently offer rebate incentives to their customers.

How The Free Insulation Program Works

Free InsulationHere’s how they explained how they were able to have more insulation blown into their attic for free. A licensed contractor contacted them and explained that they could add more insulation to their attic at no cost to them whatsoever. All they had to do was submit the bill to their utility company and when they received their rebate check, they just signed the check over to the contractor.

I did a little investigation into this so called “free insulation program” just to make sure that my in-laws weren’t being taken advantage of and it all seems to check out. During my investigation, I discovered that both Questar and Rocky Mountain Power do have incentive programs for adding insulation to existing homes.

It seems that Rocky Mountain Power will pay a certain amount per square foot under the “Electrically Heated Homes Incentive” program and a certain amount per square foot under the “Electrically Cooled Homes Incentive” program [1]. Questar will also pay a certain amount per square foot for customers who install additional attic insulation [2].

Did Adding Extra Insulation Actually Lower Their Utility Bill?

According to Jeff’s mother, her natural gas bill for the month of January was $161.98. This was before they had the extra attic insulation blown in. After they had extra attic insulation installed, their gas bill for February was only $137.48. That’s a savings of $24.58 in the very first month!

During the summer months, they use central air conditioning so their electricity bill goes up. We’ll have to wait and see but I’m predicting that they’ll also see a cost savings on their power bill this coming summer because of their newly super insulated attic.

In case you’re wondering if this was a fluke, as it turns out, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law also had extra insulation blown into their attic under the same program and according to Jeff’s mother, they saw about a $30 reduction on their first months natural gas bill.

Check With Your Utility Companies To See If They Have Free Incentive Programs Like This

Since I hadn’t ever heard of a program like this, I got online and checked with Pacific Power to see if we would qualify for any of these programs and I was very pleased to learn that we do.

It seems that there is a program called the “Energy Trust Of Oregon” that offers incentives for everything from adding insulation to installing alternative energy systems. Here’s a list of some of the insulation incentives that we currently qualify for [3] (as of the time that this article was originally written):

  • Attic: $0.25 per sq ft
  • Floor: $0.30 per sq ft
  • Rim joist: $0.30 per sq ft
  • Wall: $0.30 per sq ft
  • Knee wall: $0.30 per sq ft
  • Duct insulation: 50% cost, up to a total of $100
  • Boiler pipe insulation: $0.50 per linear ft

Who Is Eligible For These Free Energy Conservation Rebate Programs?

For us, the only requirements are that we are a customer of Pacific Power and that we heat our home with electricity or natural gas. There don’t appear to be any income limitations so you don’t have to fall into a low income category to qualify.

I can tell you that we’ll certainly be contacting some contractors to find out if any in our area offer similar programs to the program that my in-laws were able to take advantage of.

If you’re interested in saving energy, money, and making your home more energy efficient, I suggest that you check out the website for your utility company to see what programs you might be able to take advantage of.

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