We Are Beginning a New Chapter At BooneyLiving.com!

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Many of you have read about our story and you know that we’ve lived off the grid for about 8 years now. Well, I’m very excited to report to you all that my family is embarking on a “new journey”.

We love our lifestyle but we’ve recently been presented with the opportunity to grow and learn even more about living off the grid. This will allow us to share even more helpful information with the readers of BooneyLiving.com.

Let me tell you about our new adventure. We bought another house! We still own our old cabin that we cut our teeth on when we first went off the grid and we’ll visit it often but we’ll be living in the new house.

Why Did We Make This Move?

We decided to make this move for a few reasons. One is that the new house is much larger than our little house on the prairie is which means that we’ll have more room to stretch our legs but that’s not the real reason for making the move to our new home.

I keep saying “new home” but it’s far from actually being new. While it’s new to us, it’s not actually new. It is actually a 30 year old manufactured home. All of the appliances are electric, it’s not insulated very well and we quickly learned that it is currently a real energy hog.

Some of you may be wondering why we chose to buy a home like this if we are concerned about conserving energy and living green. My husband and I actually decided that buying a house like this would make an amazing case study that we could document here at BooneyLiving.com.

Many of our readers are concerned about conserving energy and would like to live off the grid but they don’t have the means to do so. As we document the process of transforming this old house from an electricity glutton to a “lean mean green machine”, our readers will learn great tips that they can use to lower the power consumption at their own home.

As you may have guessed, as of right now the new house is on the grid which will take some getting use to since we’ve been off the grid for so long. This is another reason we chose to buy it. Not so that we could live on the grid but so we could document the process of taking an old home that is quite inefficient in terms of the amount of energy that it uses and convert it into an energy efficient home that will eventually be either off the grid or tied to the grid for backup power.

Don’t Worry, We’re Still In The Boonies

The new house is very similar to the old cabin in the sense that it is situated in the forest so we’re still living in the Boonies which was very important to our family. The old cabin was about 35 miles from town and this one is about 30 miles from town. We were even lucky enough to find a home we’re the property boundary butts up against public land! This means we pay property taxes on 5 acres but have instant access to thousands! This will be ideal for the kind of recreation our family enjoys!

Making this move was very exciting for our family and I’m especially excited to be able to provide a real life case study of the process of making our new home as energy efficient as it possibly can be. Be sure and check back soon because I think you’ll find my upcoming articles very interesting if you’re concerned about living a green lifestyle and saving money on your electricity bill!

I hope you’ll continue visiting BooneyLiving.com and please do tell your friends about what we are trying to do here so that they will pay us a visit as well!

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